Dentergem Pro Kermesse by Matt Zenovich

Today only AJ and myself decided to race as everyone had raced the day before in Ninove Pro Kermesse. The others boys took to having an easy day to rest up for the upcoming GP Cerami UCI 1.1 race on the 20th of July. Vandy volunteered to hand out bottles so we were set.
The race was a long one for this style of racing at 170km. the first few laps a small group went away but was brought back for a reset and then the next move went, AJ and I decided that was the move of the day and bridged across. We all worked well and the gap opened out to roughly a minute. From then on it was pretty smooth rolling and the weaker riders seemed to disappear as we got deeper into the race. At the 2 hour mark AJ pulled the pin as his main focus was to get a few hard efforts in preparation for the race on Wednesday.
As we approached the final hour Patrick Bevin (former team member) riding with the Cannonade-Drapac Pro cycling team put in a small effort which really just came across as pulling a turn except he just rolled off into the distance. The group tried their best to bring him back but its fair to say Paddy was having a good day and we never saw him again, which resulted in a win for him.
Back in my bunch a few small attacks were going and failing, I played the safe game and sat back watching it all unfold until 4 km to go where I opened up.  A Lotto Jumbo rider followed as did a local amateur rider. We worked well togetherand were holding off the chasing group behind but in the last 700 meters the Lotto guy refused to work and as a way of placating me he yelled out “you have 2nd” but being a Belgian I was certain it wasn’t going to happen and sure enough he hit me in the final 200m and i just didn’t have it in me to get him back. Classic Belgian promise! So the final results were 1st Patrick Beven, 2nd Tom Vanasbroeck, 3rd Mathew Zenovich (ME)!!!
Really good to get on that podium in a pro kermesse as these things are super hard. Now to focus on a good race result for Wednesdays GP Cerami. Cheers