Representing the pinnacle of the range, the Team Di2 presents a who’s who of performance orientated hardware.

The Corsa is an aerodynamic race weapon. It’s been through extensive CFD analysis, wind tunnel development, and race performance testing to ensure the best of both worlds: The race proven performance of Quantum blended with aero features from Chrono. This is a high performance road racing bike, that hits another level when you have to sprint and make a break without drafting.

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The performance bike the wind wanted banned.

Undoubtedly our fastest and most slippery time trial bike – ever. It’s a wind-cheating machine. It’s gone through extensive CFD analysis, wind tunnel validation and race performance testing to produce a race-winning aerodynamic ride. Just ask 10-time New Zealand Ironman champion Cameron Brown.

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Corsa SL


The latest in Avanti’s giant killing rocketships. Test pilot Paddy Bevin’s weapon of choice used to great effect this years Tour of Korea.

The Corsa SL (SuperLight) is a climber designed to attack. All new ADT ground up design delivers an exceptionally light performance machine. Frame design optimisation has been achieved through extensive FEA simulation and analysis with our best stiffness to weight ratio ever!
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Dura Ace DI2


Shimano Dura Ace DI2


The revolutionary Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting option with SEIS (Shimano Electronic Intelligent System) takes the already superior Shimano shifting performance to a whole new level never seen before. The increased accuracy, smoothness and reliability of electronic shifting makes gear changes faster and virtually eliminates missed shifts.
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Isowhey Sports Energy Gel

For optimal performance!

Activity lasting longer than 45 minutes begins to diminish glycogen stores and the body relies more heavily on blood glucose to provide the fuel required to keep you going. Ingesting a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate fuel

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Isowhey Sports Energy Bar

Specially formulated to provide a convenient source of fuel perfect for pre-, during and post-event fuelling.

Energy Bars can be consumed before an event as a part of a carbohydrate loading strategy and to ensure sufficient levels of muscle and liver glycogen, during an event to stabilise blood sugar levels and provide ongoing fuel, or after an event to replace expended nutrients and to maximise recovery.

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electrolyte isowhey

Isowhey Sports Electrolyte Formula

The best research with the best ingredients!

Read the label and tell me I’m wrong. Cutting edge nutritional science makes Isowhey’s Electrolyte Formula the best in the world.

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high protein high carb

High Protein High Carb

A high protein, high carbohydrate formula designed specifically for athletes with increased energy demands.

Featuring a triple protein blend of premium whey protein concentrate and isolate plus casein, the High Protein, High Carb formula aids muscle repair and growth when exercise demands are high. Fast-acting carbohydrate waxy maize starch delivers energy when it is needed, plus high dose amino acids for elite athletes who require a formula to support elevated nutritional needs.

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Scody Australia

If you’re not familiar with the great garments from Scody you really need to check them out. This great Australian company has been supporting our sport for decades and really give back. A true passion for innovation and design resulting in cutting edge cycling apparel

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Aeon Helmet

Giro set out to create a lighter, cooler, and a better helmet from the previous Aeon that was released . Giro optimised every component in the Aeon including the shape of the helmet itself, reducing weight by 28 percent compared with its predecessor. There is also large sculpted vents with interior channelling for best-in-class cooling power and integrated the adjustability and comfort of Roc Loc® 5, for a luxurious feel with all the performance that every rider needs.

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Zero Gloves

The Zero is a pro-level, minimalist glove for riders who want the ultimate in ventilation, control and bar feel. The supple, micro vented leather palm is matched with a super breathable upper that offers a custom-fit feel and creates a glove that practically disappears when you put it on.

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LTZ Gloves

The LTZ is a ultra-minimalist glove that offers incredible ventilation and bar feel. The combination of a tailored Lycra upper that’s cut to wrap the hand like a second skin and unique Cool Skin synthetic palm creates a custom-fit feel with just enough structure to enhance grip and control. This is the ultimate glove for time trials, alpine climbs and the hottest days on the road.

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Giro_Ambient2_G_Blk_Pair copy


Ambient Gloves

The Ambient combines a water- and wind-resistant, breathable soft shell upper with X-Static AGrid thermal fleece lining and an AX Suede™ palm for warmth, water resistance and amazing dexterity. It’s light enough to wear for long rides, and warm enough to fight off temperatures that hover above freezing.

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Factor ACC Shoe

The Factor ACC optimises comfort and power transfer for maximum pedalling efficiency. The superb fit starts with our breathable Evofiber upper, which moulds to the shape of your foot with the two-way micro-adjustment of the new MR-1 low-profile buckle, allowing for precise adjustments on the fly. Eastons acclaimed EC90 carbon outsole is now lighter and stiffer than ever, with replaceable walking pads at the heel for enhanced durability. And with the adjustable SuperNatural Fit foot bed, there’s a fit to match practically every rider.

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Evil Eye Half Rim Pro and AdiZero Tempo

Adidas eyewear have every base covered when it comes to performance optics. The team chooses the high performance Evil Eye Pro for race day with the Tempo providing a lighter rimless option for time trials and climbing events.

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